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1. Plastic Hanger with Black Color   per475/Box 2. Size: 16.5'' length*9'' heigt. 3. Colo..
1.It is suitable for the skirts and pants,resued. 2.It has two clip can clamp the dress,two clip ca..
1.This is a Bronze Notched Hanger. 2.It is suitable for skirt,dress  and suit. 3.It has a hig..
Quality Strong Bronze Wire Steel Coat Garmen Hangers 1. Fine workmanship and quality of stro..
 1.Plastic Hanger with Black Color  2.per375/Box  ,77cm*43cm*46cm.  3. Net..
1.Highly active filter powder for regenerating solvent liquors in drycleaing. For use in Perc, hydro..
BUCOFRESH CONC  Read More Details Dry Cleaning Main Detergent/PERCHLORETHYLENE Efficie..
FLAROSOL 31N  Read More Details Chemical composition Combination of selected detergent..
RXJ Clothes-shaping Machine Iron coating power: 550w voltage :220v,50HZ size:1000*450*1..
1.Capacity:8kg  2.Display mode:LCD 3.Max spin speed:1400rpm 4.Time control: electronic..
Instruction for Operation Before Operation  1.Never operate the machine unless its oil pan ..
Washing Capacity(kg):8 Max Spin Speed(rpm):1400 Net dimensions(W*D*H mm): 595*610*850 Loa..
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